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My name is Taja, i am a DJ and I am a Creative. Bay Area Native, making my way through the world. ||
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Thank you ❤️


Lol… Who said I wanted to DJ for forever? Music is my passion and there’s many different fields in it. I don’t need a back up plan… I’m living my life

back up plans are for suckas

WHY???? Why why WHY. I’m not ignorant to the educational system.. I actually did apply for a college. There’s no point in me wasting my time on something I don’t want to do. And money.
That’s not living life.

It’s funny how ignorant people are.

Because I’m going to pursue what I love.
Not waste 100k on a profession I don’t love .. Or be in debt
Because I don’t want to go to college.


My hair says thank you


Wealthy in love and joy